What’s In My Shaker?

The benefits of whey protein as a food supplement have been widely discussed, the overriding consensus being hugely positive. It is for that reason that I use a protein shake after each training session. There is a lot of choice when picking a protein – one that sometimes leaves your head spinning. The best advice I ever received was to keep it simple. I stay clear of blends, they make it difficult to track what you are actually putting in your body. To keep it as simple as possible go for a Whey Protein Concentrate or Whey Protein Isolate – I tend to go for a Concentrate as it is slightly cheaper.


I use TheProteinWorks.com’s Whey Protein 80 Pure Concentrate. The 80 means that each serving has a protein content of about 80%, the rest being fats and carbohydrates. Chocolate Silk is my go to flavour, it mixes easily, helps stave off cravings for other chocolate products and tastes really good. If you are looking for a protein supplier I highly recommend this product.

As an added bonus – first time buyers will receive a FREE 250g bag of Whey Protein Concentrate from http://www.theproteinworks.com/ if you use the code EM8529 at the checkout on an order over £10.

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