Fighting THE GUILT – Life/Training Balance

A few days ago I missed a workout day due to an unplanned event that I wanted to go to…bring on THE GUILT!

The Guilt is a common feeling amongst those who have managed to stick to a training programme for a while. It’s that gnawing feeling, when you do eventually miss a workout, that you should really be in the gym, or going for a run, etc. This feeling is capable of taking a day that you should really be enjoying, and making it a chore. This way of thinking is wrong and must change.

You won't see views like this in the gym!

You won’t see views like this in the gym!

As with all things, it is important that you do not let your workouts dictate your life. You should be able to be flexible with your training and have it fit with everything else you want to be doing. If that means missing a workout for a day, and shuffling your schedule a bit for that week, that’s ok. Relax; rescheduling a workout, or even missing the occasional one, isn’t going to be the end of the world. Being healthy and fit should allow you to enjoy life, not spend your life in constant fear of The Guilt. Go out and enjoy your health!

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One Response to Fighting THE GUILT – Life/Training Balance

  1. andijsinger says:

    I had to do that this weekend– all day classes Saturday and Sunday when normally I’m in the gym by 8am. I don’t really feel guilty but I certainly would rather be at the gym!

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