Recipe – Mackerel marinated in ginger and lime


This recipe couples foods that you probably wouldn’t think would work together, but I promise it’s a winner. Don’t be put off by the presence of marmalade in the ingredients list either, the smokiness of the mackerel works really well with the sweetness of the marinade. Give it a try!

You will need:
Smoked mackerel fillets x2
A pinch of salt and pepper
Green tea, one small mug
Lime marmalade, 1 tbsp
One garlic clove, chopped fine
One inch of ginger, chopped fine
Soy sauce, 1 tbsp
Roasted cashews, 12

1. Fry the mackerel fillets skin down in a non-stick pan until they begin to crisp up. You won’t need oil as the fish provide their own. When done, transfer the fish to a plate, keeping the flesh side down and season with salt and pepper.
2. Mix the green tea, marmalade, garlic and ginger in a pan and bring to boil. At this point add the soy sauce. Leave this to boil for a while so that the marinade reduces down to your desired consistency. Some people like a thicker sauce, but I left mine quite runny. Once the marinade has reduced, pour some over the fish and leave to cool for a few minutes.


3. Once cool, plate up the fish, drizzle the rest of the marinade over the fillets. Serve on green leaves (I used spinach) and top with roasted cashews. Enjoy!


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